Dynamics CRM Subra Features

Microsoft Social Listening: Subra Update

We look at the Dynamics CRM 'Subra' update, otherwise known as Microsoft Social Listening

By Lisa Curry


Officially named Microsoft Social Listening, this side of CRM is based on technology acquired when Microsoft purchased Netbreeze one year ago, with the focus of integrating social media communications within Dynamics to give users even more detail and insight into their customer’s behaviour.


Nowadays, customers are more empowered, engaged and social and expect companies to not only market in traditional methods but also across relatively new channels such as social media- and not just one, but all.

Marketers can use Social Listening to track campaigns, keywords (such as Twitter hashtags) and competitors globally and in real-time, allowing businesses to both Listen & Analyse, as well as Monitor & Respond. This will feature:

Sentiment analysis: tracked keywords/ trends can be broken down into positive, neutral and negative sentiments to allow quick insight into the general ‘feel’ of topics. This can be drilled down to look at examples (i.e. see what negative comments are being said) and can then be responded to if needed.


Campaign management: Keep a close eye on current campaigns to see how well they are faring, monitor any highs or lows or to jump onto trends as they happen.


Language: Anything tracked, such as your brand, can be monitored across 28 languages to see your impact on a global level.


Dashboards: As usual, Microsoft keep a particular focus on ensuring anything recorded can be easily reported and displayed through charts and graphs – allowing you to use your data and continually improve.


Alerts: Create alerts so you are immediately notified if a designated word/ phrase is used and gain early insights in topics of interest. This ensures you stay on top of what is being said globally, are never caught off-guard and more importantly can immediately react to showcase your strong & informed position.


Social media has greatly changed how people communicate and has increased expectations customers have from their brands. With the continuing growth of social media that doesn’t look to stop, Dynamics Social Listening gives companies social media listening tools, in the all familiar Microsoft environment, to give your business a strong advantage.


We’ll post more information as this is being released, but if you want any further information or have a CRM project in mind please do contact us.

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