Dynamics CRM: NEVER delete your stakeholder connection role!

By Nick Murdock


The other day after a long build period, we were going through CRM and tidying up all the unused and unwanted items - a CRM deployment is as much about what you add as what you take away. System Views, Workflows, entities etc.

Prior to this spring clean our qualification process was working flawlessly. However something, during the cleanup has led to an error when converting the lead. 

The error received when qualifying the lead was: “An error has occurred. Either the data does not exist or you do not have sufficient privileges to view the data. Contact your system administrator for help.”



The reason

We deleted the Stakeholder connection role. This seemingly unrelated action caused a built in plugin to fail. The plugin in question is responsible for, after the contact has be created by the lead qualification, creating a connection between the opportunity and the contact with the role of stake holder.


The resolution

Luckily the plugin has the guid of the role hard coded into it. Even more fortunate is that this guid is standard across all Dynamics CRM deployments. So you just need to find a system with this role in. Create a solution with just the connection role added.




Export it as an unmanaged solution, then import into problem CRM system. Et Voila! Things should be running ship shape!

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