CRM Tip: Dealing with long labels in CRM 2013

Dynamics CRM Long Field Label

How to amend long field names labels so all the text displays

By Paddy Byrne


Recently I've been doing some form customisations on CRM 2013 and found the need for some really long labels on the Account form. After publishing my new fields I viewed the Account form and found that most of my labels disappeared behind the input fields.

Those who've used to CRM 2011 will be used to these labels automatically moving onto the next line so that the whole field name / label is displayed. But this isn't the case in CRM 2013 / 2015.

In order to get around this without increase the width of your sections you can increase the field label width of the section which the field resides in.

To do this, open the form editor and double-click on the section you need to amend. In the new window you'll see that there is a section named 'Field Label Width'. Increasing the number in this field will increase the width of the label and shorten the width of the field.

In this case, I've increased the width to 250 which allows me to see the full label on my field.

So, this article explains a way to increase the width of the label on your form without having to increase the width of the whole section and will hopefully help Dynamics CRM users!