ClickDimensions: New Power BI Content Pack

Powerful data reporting with Power BI

ClickDimensions is a fantastic marketing automation solution that integrates directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Recently, ClickDimensions have made a number of updates to their software - and we wanted to share some of these with you. In this blog, we want to go into detail on the availability of a new Power BI content pack, which seamlessly pulls your ClickDimensions data into Power BI for powerful reporting and data analysis.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to find out more about ClickDimensions then you can watch our recorded webinar here. 

If you're new to both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and marketing automation then then you can watch our recorded webinar here. 


How to set up

You can sign-up for a free Power BI account here.
Once in, click Get Data and choose 'Services' and you will see ClickDimensions listed.


Connect to this and enter your data centre location (please note: this is for your ClickDimensions data centre and not your Dynamics CRM data centre).

Then, you must enter your credentials which you can find within Microsoft Dynamics CRM> Settings>ClickDimensions Settings:




Once these are entered all the data should pull through and you will have a ready-made ClickDimensions dashboard!



ClickDimensions-Map-ReportAll the data is stored in the 'Datasets' section and the individual reports are stored within the 'Reports' section. In the 'Reports' section you can click along different reports and even create your own based on data within ClickDimensions - this map shows where your website visitors are from.

Within the 'Dashboards' section you can drag and drop different reports together to create one dashboard that gives you a quick glance at all your statistics  - this can show as much or little information as you need. When you are happy with your dashboard you can then share this with colleagues and the data will refresh so it's always up-to-date!  



Join our ClickDimensions webinar

We are holding two webinars to show you exactly what ClickDimensions can do for you. This webinar will show you how ClickDimensions can help you with:


Email-Marketing Campaign-Automation Web Forms Event-Management Surveys Web-Tracking Lead-Scoring Landing Pages SMS Messaging Social Discovery Powerful-Reporting Training-Support


  Miss our ClickDimensions webinar? You can watch it here.

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