ClickDimensions: New Campaign Automation Builder

How to use ClickDimensions for automated nurture marketing

Recently, ClickDimensions have been adding a number of fantastic new features and updates to their marketing automation software. One of these is the new Power BI content pack, which you can read more on this blog post: "ClickDimensions: New Power BI Content Pack". The other, is their new campaign automation builder, which we want to review here.


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If you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to find out more about ClickDimensions then you can watch our recorded webinar here.

If you're new to both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and marketing automation then then you can watch our recorded webinar here.


What is Campaign Automation?

Campaign automation allows marketers to automate parts of their marketing campaigns and activities to save valuable time and resources while ensuring their leads are nurtured to maximise sales conversions.
ClickDimensions also has a Nurture Marketing tool, which was easy to use but has a few limitations. This has now been updated with the addition of the new Campaign Automation Builder, which gives extensive automation capabilities and looks set to continue to keep growing as ClickDimensions add more features to it.


What does it look like?

The campaign automation in ClickDimensions is extremely intuitive and easy to use, as you create your campaign automation path using a simple drag and drop builder with a choice of Triggers and Series. The trickiest part is working out how you want the automation to run - but this is entirely unique to your business!




Triggers can be:

  • Form submission
  • Email interaction (such as an open, or clicks - on specific links or any links)
  • Added to a list (if a lead is added to a named marketing list)
  • Manual add (if you want to just add a lead into the automation)

Series or actions can be:

  • Send an email
  • Add to list
  • Remove from list
  • Assign to user
  • Notify user
  • Create task activity (such as create a phonecall task)
  • Workflow
  • Notify team (i.e. notify the Sales team)
  • Wait timer (wait for minutes, hours, days, weeks before the next action)
  • Date time (chose to do something on a specific date)
  • Statistics

Just like the rest of ClickDimensions, it's intuitive to use and ClickDimensions also offer a wealth of training videos and how-to guides so you can be walked through the set-up process easily. You can access these here.

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