Office 365 Business Challenges

8 business challenges that Office 365 solves

Removing your IT headaches and empowering staff

By Lisa Curry


Office 365 is so much more than the Microsoft Office suite. It’s a whole package of products and solutions that give staff everything they need to work effectively and efficiently in today’s fast-paced work environment. It’s easy to setup and you also get to enjoy the cost benefits of the cloud – moving from large, irregular IT spend to a predictable and set monthly budget.


What does Office 365 actually include?

Outlook Email, calendar and contacts (Outlook/Exchange)

OneDrive Cloud Storage (OneDrive)

Office Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher & Access)

SharePoint Document Library (SharePoint)

Yammer Social Collaboration (Yammer)

Skype Audio & Video Conferencing (Skype for Business)


Office 365 brings so many benefits it would be hard to list them all here and so many of them would be specific to individual businesses challenges. We’ve listed 8 popular challenges that businesses face and outlined how Office 365 overcomes these.

Office 365 Benefits

1. Keeping software updated

With Office 365 all software updates are automatically controlled and applied when they’re released. This means your internal IT staff do not have to organise and administrate software rollups while your entire staff always have access to the very latest version of software so you they can start benefitting from any new industry updates as they arrive.


2. Staff using different devices
Mobile devices are becoming more integral in our lives - both in and out of the office. For businesses this can mean that staff all use different devices and can cause incompatibility issues and general IT headaches. Office 365 can be accessed from any device (phone, tablet, desktop) and on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows). What’s more, every user can install Microsoft Office on up to 15 devices (5 smartphones, 5 tablets and 5 desktops) – so they really can work in any place, at any time.


3. Data security concerns
You can trust that all your files and data are secure with Microsoft thank to their industry leading accreditations and certifications. The level of security and compliance at their data centre (Dublin for UK customers) is to a whole new level, which no small or mid-sized business could even compete with. You can read more on the security here.


4. Staff unable to access work when out of the office
All Office 365 apps and the full Office suite can be accessed from any device on any platform at any time with an internet connection. This means staff that are often out of the office or on the road can still access all of their work on the go – whether this is in their day-to-day work life or for those that need to access work from home at any time.


5. Time-consuming training for new users
Most users are familiar with Microsoft Office and it makes user adoption much quicker. With all of Microsoft’s products following the same intuitive and familiar feel and a wealth of free online resources, staff can be up and running in no time – reducing the cost and time needed for training.


6. Emails and calendars are not linked
Microsoft Outlook syncs your calendar, contacts and email across all devices, so appointments and meetings are easily manipulated, adopted and accepted. Outlook email also seamlessly integrates with the Office suite allowing users to email files in just a few clicks.


7. Teams unable to collaborate and work on the same document
In SharePoint, multiple users can open and edit the same document at the same time, allowing more effective working. It also includes version control, security settings and a clear audit trail so team work is simplified and much quicker.


8. Time and cost for business meetings
Skype for Business is a powerful enterprise communication tool with instant messaging, presence, audio calls with up to 250 users, HD video conferencing with up to 5 users – and it doesn’t matter if the other user doesn’t have Skype as they can access it via the internet. By using Skype for Business you can reduce the time and cost of travelling to meetings by quickly and easily setting up conferencing, which is otherwise very expensive.

What next?

If any of these challenges look familiar or you would like to know how Office 365 can help your business in more detail then contact us. We can arrange to come in and demo Office 365 or we can help identify the best Microsoft licensing so your business gets the best technology with the most value.