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Wireless networking set up and running in minutes with Cisco Meraki

As cloud computing and mobile working has grown, businesses are now heavily reliant on connectivity. Whether to empower your users or to bring benefits to your customers, we can build robust and resilient wireless networks that are highly effective while easy to manage and maintain.

Wireless Network Solutions Bristol

We use industry leading Cisco Meraki software for all wireless solutions because we believe that they provide the best systems on the market. As Cisco Meraki Partners we can advise your business on the best wireless solutions to ensure maximum connectivity with very simple management, bringing you a wealth of benefits you wish you had used sooner.

Cisco Meraki Partner

Why Cisco Meraki solutions?

  • No need for physical controller
  • Activate in the cloud within minutes
  • Access Points connect to the ‘Cloud controller’
  • Everything visible through one web interface
  • Intuitive and visually appealing
  • Drill into rich, detailed information with a few clicks
  • No installations or upgrades to maintain
Wireless Network Solutions Bristol

Business Benefits

  • Rapid activation: set up in minutes thanks to the cloud-based controller
  • Full control over users, applications and devices
  • Unrivalled visibility through an intuitive web interface and dashboards
  • Highly scalable up to 10,000 Access Points
  • Full access to historical data
  • No software maintenance required
  • Manage your entire network through a single dashboard
  • Highly detailed and visual information, such as floorplans and maps
  • Simplify and improve your networks

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