Microsoft Hyper V Server Virtualisation


Maximising the investment in your technology

Virtualisation allows you to run all your applications on fewer physical servers, giving your business both financial and technical benefits. As our dependence on IT continues to grow, so does the amount of space, time and effort needed to support it. Virtualisation allows businesses to really invest in their server technology and use them to maximum efficiency while the number of physical servers is greatly reduced. 





Hyper-V and VMware

By being both Microsoft Gold Partners with expertise in Hyper-V and also VMware Enterprise Partners, we are able to provide our clients with a truly vendor agnostic approach.


Having proven expertise in the two most popular virtualisation solutions, we can give unbiased, specialist recommendations and support to ensure our clients have the best solution for their individual needs. We can help with licensing, implementation, migration, consultancy and ongoing support.

Business Benefits

  • Higher performance

    One physical server can host many virtual servers, increasing efficiency and performance for optimal user experience and IT management

  • Reduce capital and operating costs

    By reducing the number of physical servers, you reduce the need to upgrade as much hardware, the space required and the costs associated with running it.  

  • Less complexity and maintenance

    Easier server maintenance through automated management tasks. 

  • Improved flexibility

    You can manage space quickly without relying on hardware delivery and setup.

  • Improved business continuity and uptime

    Applications can be run on multiple virtual servers as a safety measure, so if one instance fails another can take its place to ensure no downtime through redundancy.

  • Faster provisioning

    React quickly to requirements with the ability with elastic capacity allowing near-instant deployments. 

  • Scalability and future-proofed

    Virtual servers give you improved responsiveness by letting you quickly and flexibly deploy applications in reaction to business changes, such as expansion.

  • Environmental benefits

    Virtualisation is more ‘green’ as you reduce your carbon footprint and use of energy.  

Migrating servers to Azure

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