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IT Managed Services

We can complement your in-house IT department or be your IT department

The Importance of IT

IT and technology is now fundamental to business success but many organisations are stuck in a break/fix model and struggle and to maintain a forward-thinking IT strategy. Our IT managed
services is built upon a partnership so that we truly understand your business: its pain points, requirements, goals and future plans. This way we can provide tailored support with an underlying long-term strategy in place. 

Fully Managed IT Support

Our fully managed IT support service gives businesses the benefit of an all-inclusive model with proactive monitoring, a forward-thinking technology roadmap and a dedicated helpdesk with unlimited remote, telephone and onsite support.
We offer a number of different service packages, so that you can choose the most suitable level of support for your business.

Our Support Explained

Our IT support follows a proactive approach. We actively monitor and manage your network and systems so that they are running effectively and can often identify and solve any issues before they arise to reduce downtime.
Our dedicated support desk provides unlimited telephone and email support and if a support engineer is required, we provide unlimited onsite support as part of our service.
Our managed services model includes a number of value added services, which are included in all of our support packages.


You can find out more about our IT Support Process here.




Why outsource?

34 %

34% of companies use outsourcing to gain access to IT resources which are unavailable internally

Our Onboarding Process

We know that switching IT providers can cause concerns, which is why we have a clearly defined on-boarding strategy so that you can start seeing the benefit of our IT support before it even begins. We manage every stage of the process and you will receive tailored on-boarding document to give you total visibility.


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Are you:

  • Unhappy with your current IT provider service and/or expertise?
  • Stuck in a break/fix model with an outdated IT strategy?
  • Unhappy with surprise costs and hidden extras?
  • Using a small IT support company that can’t keep up with your growth plans?

Business Benefits

  • Collective expertise

    Tap into a large pool of qualified resources and utilise the diverse and specialist range of expertise available without the costly and time-consuming exhaustion of specialist HR recruitment. 

  • Keep control

    The key is a strong partnership – ensuring no control is lost. Both managed service provider and client are clear on the aims and desired results, working towards common goals together. 

  • Focus on core aims

    The CIO role is evolving to be service focused and results-driven. Outsourcing allows the CIO to focus on core business aims, rather than day-to-day management.

  • Increased agility

    By outsourcing IT consultancy or large-scale projects, companies can see a decrease in time to market and increase in deliverance of projects. Outsourcing IT can also boost organisational flexibility, in turn increasing flexibility to react to market changes; it could even mean that companies are advised of market changes and are more able to use these changes to their advantage, rather than being required to continually adapt.  

  • Microsoft Partner benefits

    As Microsoft Gold partners, we are some of Microsoft's most highly accredited technical support providers and have been trained and certified by Microsoft. This give us access to the latest Microsoft resources, training and dedicated support that is otherwise inaccessible.  

  • Reduced risk

    By sharing the IT risk burden with a partner, you are more able to keep up to date with industry best practices. A dedicated IT project team with experience in pit falls and key to success will advise you and adhere to clearly defined and agreed SLA's to ensure your peace of mind.

  • Better focus & less disturbances

    Outsourcing helpdesk facilities allow internal IT staff to prioritise projects and long-terms IT visions, thereby removing time-consuming daily "IT housekeeping" tasks and interruptions. Outsourcing helpdesk facilities can accommodate for peaks in demand and give internal staff development opportunities through collaboration and/or pursuing new business strategy opportunities instead of admin.

  • Escape the break/fix model

    Avoid playing continuous catch-up with the break/fix model and move to a managed service. Proactive monitoring and management to prevent issues and reduce downtime.

IT Managed Services Providers Bristol

Why Outsource?

We've listed some of the main reasons why
businesses choose to benefit from IT managed services in this visual infographic.

Find out industry statistics and see how other organisations take advantage of outsourcing here. 



Our Services

Hardware Asset Management

Keeping a clear audit on your IT equipment for peace of mind

Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery from Microsoft.

Server Virtualisation

Maximise your investment in your technology

Remote Monitoring

Identifying trends, inefficiencies and issues before they happen.


Expert help to keep your network, systems and business data secure.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless networking set up and running in minutes with Cisco Meraki.

What next?

To find out more about our IT Managed Services you can download our fact sheet
or contact us - we would be happy to come and chat to you about how we 
work and understand what level of support you need.