Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery


IT is integral to business success so you need to know that if anything happened to your data or systems then you could be back up and running quickly; avoiding expensive downtime or potential closure. While traditional disaster recovery solutions have been expensive and time consuming to implement, the introduction of cloud disaster recover solutions have unlocked previously unattainable enterprise-level abilities to organisations of any size.


Azure Site Recovery

Cloud disaster recovery software has many advantages and we recommend Microsoft Azure Site Recovery for several key reasons:


Highly cost effective

Using Azure Site Recovery eliminates the need for purchasing and maintaining additional physical infrastructure or a secondary data centre; reducing costs and complexity. You only pay for the storage that you use, which grows as and when you need it to manage peaks in demand without the expense – all as Opex (monthly) spend. 




Your data remains in the UK

If you are bound by data sovereignty laws to keep your data within the UK then Azure Site Recovery ensures you are compliant. With two UK data centres, your data will remain in the UK even whilst taking advantage of geo-redundancy capabilities. 



Hybrid Ready

Azure Site Recovery is built for the hybrid cloud, providing comprehensive protection for virtual and physical servers. 


Quick and easy replication testing

Azure Site Recovery allows simple replication testing to support disaster recovery drills without affecting production environments. Automation runbooks allow your restoration sequence to be orchestrated and automated; allowing fast and prioritised restoration with one click. This means that you can easily test your setup and have the confidence that your disaster recovery plan will work. 



Robust solution fit for any size organisation

Azure Site Recovery is a robust disaster recovery solution, built on Microsoft’s heavily invested cloud platform, Azure. Used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies; Azure is fit for enterprise use but cost effective to manage requirements for any sized organisation. 


Did you know?

40 %

40% of organisations do not have a documented disaster recovery plan

How we can help:

We offer disaster recovery planning and management (or Disaster Recovery as a Service); working with you to set the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to suit your unique disaster recovery and security objectives. Our flexible and transparent approach ensures our cloud consultants work with you to recommend and implement the optimal solution; either providing standalone services that you require or delivering a fully managed disaster recovery service.

Our services include:

  • Disaster Recovery readiness assessment/audits
  • Disaster recovery consultancy
  • Planning workshops and strategy recommendations
  • Azure Site Recovery implementation
  • Complete disaster recovery management
  • Disaster recovery testing

Our Disaster Recovery Process

  • Planning workshop

    Planning is the key phase to ensure the deployed solution meets your needs. This involves key activities such as identifying protection requirements, business alignment to RPO/RTO, capacity planning and connectivity design. 

  • Preparation

    After the discovery/planning workshop and optimal solution is determined and agreed, we will preliminarily setup the Azure platform and make any changes to the on-premise infrastructure as required to meet the failover process.

  • Implementation

    Once preparation is complete, we will implement the solution; specifying the RPO threshold and ensuring the correct mapping and a successful synchronisation. 

  • Testing

    We will carry out non-obtrusive testing to ensure correct functionality and also ensure that the RTO and RPO are met.

  • Documentation

    Once setup, we will provide documentation of both the configuration and the process to invoke a failover and failback, including a process flow for modifying any additional services. 

  • Support

    Once in place, we can manage and monitor the entire solution; ensuring replication tasks are being completed without issue and the platform is always in a “ready” state to work when needed. If disaster does strike, we will ensure the solution works and manage the process of getting you back up quickly.  

Why Azure Site Recovery with Chorus?

We are Microsoft Gold partners and have great experience implementing Microsoft Azure Site Recovery to protect our clients’ data and infrastructure.
Whether you require consultancy to advise how best to protect your infrastructure or complete Disaster Recovery as a Service; we can help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to book a meeting, or download our fact sheet for more information. 


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