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Automatic backups every 15 minutes to keep your data safe

Backups are a standard business practice and have rapidly changed as technology has evolved. Now backups are easier to maintain without the need for human intervention or old-fashioned physical backup tapes. We use snapshot technology to ensure multiple backups are taken daily both on-site and off-site giving you peace of mind over your data.


Moving away from physical tapes

42 %

42% of attempted recoveries from tape backups in the past year have failed (Microsoft)

Business Benefits

  • Peace of mind
  • No user intervention required
  • Removes chances of human error
  • Backups occur automatically
  • Improves data protection
  • Allows data to be recovered quickly and easily
  • Fully managed so you have smarter use of IT resources
  • Faster speed of recovery

Backups ensure your data can be restored if needed but they only make up one aspect of Disaster Recovery. Make sure you have a full Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) as part of your business continuity plan.

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Cloud Backup Solutions

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