Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation

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Empower your marketing department with out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows marketers to align all of their marketing activity, allowing them to produce more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. All marketing activity can then easily be passed onto sales or already visible to sales giving them the complete picture for each prospect to be in a better position to close the deal. We understand that different sectors have varying specifications for their customer relationship management systems, and that's why we've created a CRM solution for charities.

Dynamics 365 provides some marketing capabilities, however if you are looking for regular and active marketing then we highly recommend considering integrating Click Dimensions, a Microsoft-certified email marketing and marketing automation software. You won’t know how you managed without it! Find out more here. 



ClickDimensions natively integrates within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Benefits

  • All data recorded against lead to give granular detail and insight
  • Data is centralised to avoid double-handling
  • Simple data management through bulk importing and exporting in Excel
  • Automation of simple tasks to reduce pressure on marketing departments
  • Automatic lead scoring can ensure only high quality leads are passed onto Sales
  • All data is shown in real-time and updated automatically allowing 24/7 visibility on campaigns
  • Faster analysis of data and ability to create personalised dashboards to clearly show results
  • Simple integration with third party Add-ons
  • Stronger Marketing & Sales connection
Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation

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