Charity CRM

Bespoke charity solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our bespoke charity CRM solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and specifically configured to meet the needs of charities and the not-for-profit (NFP) sector.


More and more charities are turning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as legacy systems become unsupported, stagnant or too inflexible to adapt to their way of working. By extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM we have created an out-of-the-box charity CRM solution, allowing charities to benefit from all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM without the need for costly and time-consuming development and customisation.

As Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so flexible, our charity CRM system can either be used out-of-the-box or can be further customised and developed if required.



Our charity CRM solution includes all the standard features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM but also includes unique entities and processes specific to not-for-profits. These include: 


Donation Management

A donation management system is essential for fund-raising teams. All points of contact and full donation history (including recurring donations) are recorded against each contact, including a giving summary to show their average, largest and most recent donations as well as total to date. 




Appeal Management

Create and manage appeals by direct mail, email marketing and advertising. Track budgets, expenditure and income and measure membership conversion ROI and appeal performance.




Event Management

Track and manage event and attendee information in CRM. Attendees can register for events on your website which automatically creates or updates their record in CRM, allowing you to track spaces, view registrations or import attendee lists after the event.




Membership Management

Full membership history recorded and integrated with payment processing and the ability to add different products (such as memberships, magazines, licensing, certifications etc). This also comes as a standalone add-on, if you only require membership management. Find out about our Membership Management add-on here.


Automated Payment Processing

CRM will automatically create Direct Debit mandates, handle standard notifications, process payments and automatically update payment statuses. This includes credit card, debit card, Just Giving and PayPal payments.




Automatic Gift Aid Claims

With an integration with HRMC, Gift Aid claims can be automated in any volume, and untapped Gift Aid can be easily identified and acted upon to help increase Gift Aid claims.




Detailed Marketing Analytics

Full marketing automation with ClickDimensions: email marketing, surveys, web forms, web analytics, social media insights, nurture campaigns and marketing lists. You can see where budget is being spent and quickly analyse which methods are most and least effective with powerful reporting.




Funding and Trust Pipeline

You have full visibility on your funding and donations with simple dashboards to show amounts remaining, confirmed and waiting for complete visibility.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • Highly Scalable

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used by a small team or large corporations so if you grow, you don’t have to think about moving to a different system.

  • Progressive

    Microsoft have a clear product roadmap and ambitious plans for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is why they are continually adding new features and improvements.

  • Customisable

    Built on the .NET platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be completely tailored to fit how you work through custom development, so if the way you work ever changes then your CRM can be changed.

  • Integration

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM seamlessly integrates across Microsoft stack but can also integrate with bespoke systems and line of business applications.

  • Large community and support

    Microsoft is an extremely well-known organisation with a large backing and investment and a large community of users, which offers support, articles, advice and reassurance.

  • Intuitive

    Microsoft’s intuitive look and feel can help increase user adoption and reduce the amount of training required, as many users are more familiar with the Microsoft experience.

Some of our charity clients

  • The-Donkey-Sanctuary
  • Soil-Association
  • NOS
  • Lifetime-Training

Project Delivery

If further development or consultancy is required, we follow an agile project delivery and the Microsoft SureStep methodology to ensure that our CRM projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. We offer a complete end-to-end service to ensure everything from consultancy and scoping to training and ongoing support can be provided so that your organisation gets the most from its CRM.


You can find out more about our Project Approach here.


How we can help:


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Making the right CRM choices for your business.

CRM Custom Development & Integration

Extending the capabilities of Dynamics CRM to be tailored to your business.

CRM Support

We can support your Dynamics CRM system through our dedicated helpdesk.


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What next?

If you would like to take away some information, then please download our fact sheet; however, we find the best way to see the benefits and features is to see CharityCRM in action. Contact us today to organise a live demo or a quick tour of the product.