Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online SaaS

Dynamics 365 Online

Your CRM system with the benefits of the cloud

When deciding a CRM system one of the most important questions you will be faced with at the beginning is whether you choose to have your CRM in the cloud or on-premise.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Online) gives you the flexibility and benefits of working in the cloud delivered through a monthly subscription service and is becoming the preferred choice for organisations with the number of SaaS (cloud) deployments overtaking the number of on-premise installations.

Business Benefits

  • Removes costs of license management, large set-up cost and associated server costs
  • Enhanced mobility with access to CRM anywhere with internet connection
  • Sales teams can access CRM on the go on mobile apps
  • Benefit from Microsoft’s world-class and highly awarded security
  • Requires less internal support to administrate
  • Move to a subscription-based model for predictable monthly costs instead of large lump sums
  • Technical infrastructure is handled by Microsoft
  • Updates automatically applied so you are always using the latest version
  • Rapid CRM deployment and implementation

Worried about uptime?

99 .9%

Don't be. Dynamics 365 comes with a 99.9% financially-backed SLA from Microsoft

Choosing your deployment option

If you are unsure of which deployment method will suit you best then download our "CRM Online vs On-Premise comaprision sheet" here.

This compares the two deployment options and outlines the key differences between having your CRM in the cloud or on-premise.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online SaaS

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