Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM On Premise

Dynamics 365 On Premise

Make the most of existing infrastructure and keep your data on-site

When deciding a CRM system one of the most important questions you will be faced with at the beginning is whether you choose to have your CRM in the cloud or on-premise.

On-premise CRM deployments remain a popular choice for many organisations. It is particularly beneficial for those that wish to keep full control of their data or are legally required to, or wish to use existing IT infrastructure.

Business Benefits

  • Complete ownership of customer data
  • One-off payment and avoid recurring subscription costs (CapEx model)
  • Ensures you are not affected by rising licence costs
  • Use existing IT investments
  • Control over when to apply updates and patches
  • Less susceptible to outsider connectivity issues
  • All data is kept on-site (this can be a legal requirement)
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Choosing your deployment option

If you are unsure of which deployment method will suit you best then download our "CRM Online vs On-Premise comaprision sheet" here.

This compares the two deployment options and outlines the key differences between having your CRM in the cloud or on-premise.



Dynamics 365 (CRM) On Premise

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