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Making the right CRM choices for your business

Our CRM consultants can help your business with any stage of its CRM journey from implementation to aftercare. Whether it’s choosing the right deployment method, developing your CRM strategy, assessing your current CRM system or helping users get the most from their CRM, we can help. 

Microsoft Dynamics Consultants

How we can help:

  • Strategy

    Your CRM system is a powerful tool, but if there is no strategy behind it then it can easily falter and become useless as is won’t be working towards your business goals and therefore not giving your business as much value and return on investment (ROI). If you have no strategy or an outdated strategy then we can help to get your CRM on track working towards aligned business goals.

  • System Review

    Whether you’re unhappy about your CRM system because of technical issues, lack of user adoption or unknown causes we can come in and do a full assessment of you system to produce a detailed report. We primarily look at: hardware and installation, systems installation and configuration, customisations and third party add-ons. This report can then be used to pinpoint and clarify issues, which can be worked on internally or if needed, we can continue working with you to get your CRM system exactly where you want it to be.

  • Upgrading

    If you are using an on-premise instance and would like to upgrade to the newest version of Dynamics CRM 2015, we can help to make this as smooth as possible. Whether you wish to upgrade from CRM 2013 or from CRM 3.0 we can manage the whole process to ensure your data remains intact and even ensure existing customisations remain. We can even advise if moving to CRM Online would be beneficial, so you do not have to worry about upgrading again!

  • Development

    If you want to build upon your existing solution, then we can help identify areas of improvement and opportunity. Through a system review or through your concerns, we can develop your CRM system to make sure it is as effective and streamlined as possible – working harder for you and reaping you benefits. 

  • Integration

    As Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so flexible and built upon the .NET framework, our .NET and CRM developers can seamlessly integrate your Dynamics CRM solution with any other software no matter how niche or unique. We have a range of CRM connector solutions such as our SAGE Accounts to CRM integration, but we can also create bespoke applications, unique to your business. These connectors can streamlines business activities and save your company time, resources and ultimately, money. 

  • Ongoing Support

    If you are happy with your CRM solution but would like the assurance that a team of CRM experts are only a call away why not consider an ongoing support package? We also offer CRM training. 

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Although all the systems had the basic functionality that we required, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered something else. Not only was there total integration​​ with our current Line-of-business applications, including Microsoft Office, but we also found that the combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Chorus could offer us so much more Key Organics

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