Dynamics CRM Sage Connector Case Study

OpalTec Case Study

Integrating Dynamics CRM with SAGE Accounting

The Need?

Bring disparate systems together
Integration with SAGE accounting
Asset & Stock management


The Solution?

Bespoke SAGE plugin from Chorus
CRM development and consultancy

The Outcome?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SAGE integration
Increase in productivity and efficiency
Automated stock management
Remove double handling of information

Save time, money and resources 

Services used:

  • Dynamics CRM development
  • CRM consultancy
  • Bespoke development: Sage plugin
  • Integration
Dynamics CRM Development Case Study

Before deciding it was time for a CRM system, OpalTec and Chorus had already built a strong partnership, as Chorus managed their IT. When it came to choosing a CRM partner, OpalTec already knew that Chorus was the right company to help them deploy, customise and train their users on a new CRM system.

When OpalTec outlined their key requirements, Dynamics CRM was a perfect fit. Along with some more general CRM needs such as bringing disparate business processes into one system there were more niche challenges that Microsoft Dynamics was perfectly suited for solving: one being integrating CRM with SAGE accounting and the other being asset & stock management.

By replacing a manual, paper-based process, that was only a very small part of our overall business model, we saved an estimated £6,000 per year in time. That time, and the cost attached to it, was utilised to expand our business without the need to take on additional staff. OpalTec
Sage Integration Dynamics CRM Plugin

Saving time, resources & money

By using Chorus’ bespoke SAGE plugin for CRM, all systems were easily integrated within Dynamics and reduced administration time greatly by reducing double-handling of information. For example, as soon as a sales order is submitted for processing the data input into Dynamics CRM is automatically pulled into SAGE Accounts- populating and generating the invoice. Once SAGE has created the invoice, it then back-populates the information into CRM so all the relevant information is included and two systems are tied together. Through this and other automated processes implemented, the levels of productivity and efficiency at OpalTec rose greatly.

Streamline automation

The other large need was for a stock management system. As OpalTec is a leading supplier of barcode and point of sale hardware - buying, selling and lending items - they needed a well-managed system to keep track of all stock. Chorus built on Dynamics CRM’s existing functionality and developed a system where stock could be managed within CRM using barcode technology. This included asset management for stock loans by automating email reminders when items were due back, allowing staff to focus on more important priorities but without any stock ever slipping through.

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