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Horseworld Case Study: IT

A perfect fit: flexible IT is key to this charity’s success

The Need?

Fully managed support to cover all aspects of IT
Increased efficiency through technology
IT professionals without the in-house costs


The Solution?

Outsourced IT & consultancy
Helpdesk support
Complete IT management

The Outcome?

Completely managed IT support without the need for IT recruitment
Expert consultancy to drive a modern IT strategy
Peace of mind and efficient IT

Services used:

  • Managed services
  • Helpdesk support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Infrastructure consultancy
  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Backups
SMB Charity IT Support Bristol

HorseWorld is the UK’s principal charity caring primarily for horses and ponies. 

Funded entirely through public donations, the Bristol-based charity rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals which have been abandoned, neglected or ill-treated. It currently has 450 horses in its care. HorseWorld’s many features, including a visitor centre, petting zoo and recreational areas, makes it one of the region’s popular visitor attractions.

Chorus are modern, enthusiastic, responsive, progressive and friendly. They’re at the leading edge of technology and passionate about using it to support businesses, particularly in growth. We enjoy working with them: there’s no hidden agenda. Managing Director, Horseworld
Business IT Support Provider Bristol

Chorus has managed HorseWorld’s IT infrastructure, hardware and software since 2003 

“I took over as MD in 2007 and set about streamlining HorseWorld to make it more efficient,” explains Mark Owen. “Since then I have gradually changed almost every one of HorseWorld’s suppliers, with the exception of our managed IT partners, Chorus. Given that I previously had a long career in managing IT I was expecting that area to be the first I’d revamp, but I’ve been so impressed with Chorus I have never once thought about changing supplier.”


“We have over 60 staff but no IT professionals on our books,” Mark continues. “Chorus manage everything from printers to monitors, servers to internet connectivity. They run automatic back-ups for us and we genuinely don’t have to worry about a thing. Everything we need is just one phone call away. Nine times out of ten they resolve any issue remotely but on the odd occasion when they need to be on site they are here impressively quickly."

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