Dynamics 365 membership management software

Evo 365 for Membership gives membership organisations the features and functionality they need within Dynamics 365 to improve membership management, engagement and retention. As well as benefitting from the features within Dynamics 365, organisations can manage different types of memberships, automate Direct Debit processing and analyse sign-up trends and campaign success.

Using Evo 365 Membership gives your team the tools they need to engage, retain and grow your member base.

  • Evo 365 Membership software for Dynamics 365

Evo 365 Membership Features

Membership management

The flexible product base allows you to manage various memberships (such as individual, multiple or sponsored memberships) or even licensing, subscriptions or any other form of recurring revenue.

Membership insights & analytics

Understand how your members join by linking membership records to originating campaigns and communications, allowing you to analyse sign-up trends and marketing ROI so that future investment is put into the most effective methods.

Payment processing & Direct Debits

Streamline payment processing through automated Direct Debits, which create and update mandates and payments within Evo 365 and automatically reports status changes and cancellations from banks, saving  time and streamlining payments.

Process automation

Enable pre-built workflows to send communications, such as renewal reminders or anniversary messages to reduce administrative tasks and lead to increased membership personalisation, retention and loyalty.

Income management

Easily track and manage income and payments generated from different payment sources to give enhanced reporting and insights into revenue.

Self-service portal

Our self-service portal can be integrated with your website CMS and branded so that members can view and manage their membership: including personal details, communication preferences for GDPR and renewals.

Horse in a field

“We have very ambitious growth plans. I’m very confident the systems and partnership with Chorus we have in place are scalable and flexible enough to take us to new levels.”


Why Evo 365 Membership?

Give your members a great experience

Provide your members with intuitive self-service tools that keep up with modern digital expectations, so they can easily manage their details and membership.

Personalise member engagement

Personalise your communications with valuable data, such as supporter interests, to send targeted updates that keep your members engaged and loyal.

Uncover trends to focus future efforts

Analyse sign-up trends with pre-built dashboards so you can see which campaigns had most success to guide future marketing planning.

Adhere to GDPR regulations

Easily track and manage member communication preferences and automate subscription management to ensure you adhere to GDPR regulations.

Automate manual tasks to save time

Automate renewal reminders, communications and other manual tasks to free up staff time so they can focus on more valuable areas.

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Why Chorus?

Solution capabilities

Evo 365 is a Microsoft recommended product, designed in conjunction with real users to solve common challenges whilst ensuring an intuitive experience that is built to best coding practices.

Project approach

We follow an agile approach and focus on keeping systems simple and usable, so that you can quickly benefit from the system and avoid project scope creep over-complicating the solution.

Sector experience

We’ve worked with many non-profits and charities to develop Evo 365 with end users in mind. Through our experience, we have a great understanding of typical challenges, aims and requirements.

Microsoft experts

We are Microsoft Gold Partners and work across the entire Microsoft stack. Our holistic knowledge ensures our Dynamics 365 solutions work with your wider Microsoft technologies.

Ethos and values

A great CRM isn’t just technology. We focus on forming a strong partnership, built on trust, honesty and a down-to-earth approach, underpinned by our values to make your project a success.

Results driven

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake; we focus on helping you adopt the most suitable solution and empower you to be as self-sufficient as possible for lasting success.

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