Managed CSOC Services

Our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and team of Microsoft-certified security analysts protect your organisation proactively from advanced cyber security threats. 

Our managed CSOC services use Microsoft’s cutting-edge threat protection suite (Microsoft 365 Defender) and cloud-native SIEM solution (Azure Sentinel) to monitor your systems, detect threats and investigate security alerts. We provide you with actionable guidance to resolve security incidents or our cyber security experts will perform the remediation work for you.

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cyber security operations centre services in Bristol
cyber security operations centre services in Bristol

Why use Managed CSOC services?

Bringing qualified and experienced security professionals in-house isn't feasible for most organisations. With managed CSOC services, you can access a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge security technologies, enabling you to focus more on your wider IT strategy and worry less about day-to-day IT security challenges.

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Benefits of our Managed CSOC services

Expert security analysts

Bringing the right security expertise in-house can be expensive and time consuming. Our managed CSOC service gives you cost-effective access to a team of qualified and highly-experienced security analysts who are always on-hand to help.

Rapid response

Cyber security often requires swift action. With our managed security services, you will benefit from rapid threat detection and response. We quickly undertake the required remedial work or give you guidance on how to do so. 


Cyber security is easier when you know what you're up against. With our CSOC services, you'll benefit from our Monthly Service Reports and get clear insights into specific threats, implications and guidance from our Security Incident Reports.

Future-proof technology

In addition to threat detection and response, we will help you devise a modern zero-trust security roadmap to future-proof your security posture using the latest technologies with the flexibility to evolve over time.

Mature ITIL-aligned processes

You want to know you're in safe hands. As an ITIL-aligned Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), you will benefit from our advanced processes, technologies and industry-recognised standards including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

What's included?

Alert monitoring

Security alerts are triaged, classified, prioritised and investigated by our security analysts. We identify the nature and potential impact of the alert and determine what action should be taken.

Forensic analysis

We undertake forensic analysis of your Security Incidents to determine how the threats originated, their timelines, the incident cause and source as well as identifying affected users and systems.


Where security events warrant further action, you'll receive clear Security Incident Reports containing the key information from our forensic analysis as well as potential impacts and recommended actions.


When you choose to use our infrastructure support services, we'll undertake the necessary remediation, recovery and mitigation activities following the identification of Security Incidents.

Threat hunting

Security should be proactive. Our security analysts use advanced tools to perform threat hunting activities, searching through huge quantities of data for threats across your various data sources.

Phishing simulation

Over 90% of cyber attacks are password based. We can run periodic phishing and password attack simulations to help educate and train the employees who are susceptible to these common attacks.

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Which companies outsource security?

63% of small businesses

67% of medium-size businesses

56% of large businesses

(Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, 2019)


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