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If you're looking to take your organisation's cyber security posture to the next level, a security assessment is an important part of that process. Our security assessment services identify any active threats and vulnerabilities in your systems, outlining where your risks lie as well as their severity and potential impacts. Our expert security consultants will prioritise recommendations to mitigate these risks and to significantly improve your cyber security posture.  

Our assessments include a Microsoft Threat Check Workshop and our comprehensive Zero Trust Cyber Security Assessment.

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Check if you're eligible for Microsoft funding

Some organisations may qualify for Microsoft funding to cover the cost of our Microsoft Threat Check security assessment. If you'd like to check your eligibility for funding, please get in touch. 

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Our cyber security assessment services

Microsoft Threat Check

Our Microsoft Threat Check workshop provides a high-level overview of your security posture, using a Microsoft 365 E5 trial to scan your digital estate to identify active threats and vulnerabilities across email, identities and data.

The results are gathered, analysed and presented via a report and an on-site workshop, identifying your key threats and providing an outline of the remedial works required to address these threats and achieve a strong security posture.

This Microsoft Threat Check is also included as part of our more comprehensive 'Zero Trust Cyber Security Assessment'.

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Zero Trust Cyber Security Assessment

Our Zero Trust Cyber Security Assessment reviews your current cyber security posture against a Zero Trust model, reviewing your IT security maturity, identifying risks and vulnerabilities and providing prioritised risk mitigation recommendations to help you adopt an advanced, Zero Trust security model.

Through a combination of consultative reviews and our technical Microsoft Threat Check assessment, we analyse your security posture, covering six foundational security areas: Identity, Devices, Applications, Infrastructure, Networks and Data.

Microsoft Threat Check

Identity and access

The security of your user identities is critical. We detect any identity-related threats that you're facing and advise on the optimal solution to protect your users. 

Malicious threats

Every organisation faces cyber attacks. We detect and assess malicious threats to your email and data such as phishing attempts, dangerous links and malware.

Cloud app security

Greater visibility of your cloud apps is vital for security. We identify threats associated with anomalous user and file behaviour across your cloud apps.

On-premise and hybrid threats

It can be challenging to detect advanced attacks in your on-premise and hybrid environments. We scan for active threats and vulnerabilities.  

Phishing attack simulation

Phishing poses a serious threat to all organisations. We can carry out a controlled attack simulation to assess your end-user awareness and assess the risk.

Shadow IT discovery

Shadow IT is difficult to control. We can generate a cloud app discovery report to reveal approved and unapproved cloud apps being used to store company data.

Zero trust assessment

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Zero Trust Cyber Security Assessment

Holistic security view

Our assessment evaluates your security posture across your digital estate, highlighting areas for potential improvement. We help identify the next steps on your zero trust security journey.

Detect live threats

Our security toolset report will highlight any active security threats that could need to be immediately remediated.

Reduce risk

We help identify your security vulnerabilities so that you can quickly mitigate these risks before an issue arises.

Clear security priorities

We provide clearly prioritised recommendations to aid your security decision making and to help you define your security roadmap.

Speak to an expert

Rather than simply sending a report, one of our security consultants will present the findings to you (either at your office or remotely) and allow time for discussions and any questions you may have.

Scope of the assessment


Zero Trust begins with strong identity and access management. We assess how identities are managed, secured and authenticated.


Devices create a large attack surface. We review your endpoint management, monitoring and security – covering mobiles, laptops and more.


We discover shadow IT and review application access, permissions, usage and monitoring (on-premise, hybrid or SaaS).


Data should remain secure even if it leaves company apps, network, infrastructure or devices. We evaluate your data security across labelling, encryption, classifications and more.


Your infrastructure is a critical attack vector used to exploit vulnerabilities. We assess how your infrastructure is managed and secured, and measures for anomaly detection.


We review network controls, traffic monitoring and detection to evaluate your network security in a Zero Trust model.

IT security assessment services

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Woman working on a tablet device on a Microsoft security assessment
Woman working on a tablet device on a Microsoft security assessment

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Our cyber security services leverage Microsoft technologies to help organisations at any stage of their security journey assess, implement and manage an advanced cyber security strategy.

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