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Consultancy: intranet, extranet and integration

There is an almost infinite array of material and information you can share through your intranet, your extranet and other corporate systems such as customer management tools, databases and contact/email applications.

Knowing what to put where, which elements of systems should be linked with others and what information to push and pull between them is both art and science.

There are also questions to answer about how much you can capitalise on free versions of software, and the extent to which you need different upgrades and add-ons.

Regardless of whether or not you already have an intranet, extranet or website, and whatever your current array of business systems, and whether you are seeking help with one area of your business or the enterprise as a whole, we can help.

We appreciate your need to establish value without compromising functionality or flexibility. We understand it’s not just about development, it’s about ongoing maintenance and manageability. We are also fully certified and know the systems – and what’s possible – inside out.

Our approach - capitalising intranet development

As part of our SharePoint consultancy we take the time to get to know you and what your business really needs. We very often hold group workshops with key stakeholders to get to the heart of each user group’s requirements, mapping out user journeys and the most important design elements.

During this process we also analyse your business’s work flows. We recommend automation wherever practicable, saving time and money and improving efficiencies.

The output of our consultations is a detailed, unambiguous report, with further face-to-face elaboration if you wish. We will provide you with a full proposal and costs, giving you the option to proceed with Chorus in full or in part, or to compare alternatives.

If you commission us to implement our recommendations, we will design, build and thoroughly test your systems, signing off only when you are completely happy.

Staff and partner training is likely to form part of the process, particularly for ‘power users’. We are also very happy to offer ongoing support as appropriate to your needs.

Have an initial discussion with our senior team, free of charge or obligation to find out about capitalising your intranet development.

I like the way Chorus translate complex IT into simple, effective solutions. They have enabled us to achieve best-practice processes by exploiting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.​

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